Visits with an old friend…

I picked up an old friend for a short visit the other night.  There is just something so comforting about familiarity that makes me smile.  We stayed up late just being with each other, just like old times.  Great friends can do that, pick up where they left off and never skip a beat.  That’s exactly how it was and it was delightful.

We watched Top Chef together and smiled knowing that our time together would come to an end soon.  That’s the worst part about short visits, knowing that they will end.  Knowing that the hurt of separation will be deep, painful and difficult.  But the key is to enjoy the time while it lasts; to bask in each others presence.  To just sit there and know that these moments are precious and times are short.  The key is to not focus on the moment that you say “see you later” but be fully in the now.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and indulged one last time in the moments that make my heart flutter.  It was sad that it was over and it left me feeling weighty, sorrowful, and automatically looking forward to the next time we will meet.  I already look forward to that moment when I can take the warm, fluffy crust and dip it in garlic butter.  When I can enjoy the perfection of melted cheese with salty pepperoni and smokey bacon.  Yes, the other night I caught up with my good friend Pizza Hut Pizza after a multi-month hiatus and 1 month of eating healthy.  The reunion was glorious, albeit very difficult the next day when I felt the need to drink 1 bazillion gallons of water.  But still.  The reunion was sweet and delicious.  I decided at 9pm that I wanted pizza, went and got some and it was one of the best “YOLO” moments in a long time.  I still don’t regret it.

Can you relate?

Do you ever go on health sprees and just need to break it with something utterly terrible for you  before you lose your mind?

Do you reunite with favorite foods the way you would an old friend?  Or is that just me and my stress eating/ binge eating/ food loving problems?

2 thoughts on “Visits with an old friend…

  1. Susan C.

    Wow, Bekah! You really had me going. I thought you were talking about a human being for sure. In fact, when you transitioned to talking about pizza crust, I stopped, jumped back up to the top of the post and began to read it all again, sure that I had missed a key sentence. HA!

    I know you love to cook, but I did not know you had a fondness for unhealthy foods. 🙂 Your cute figure keeps that a good secret! I love food, especially sweets and carbohydrates. Three-and-a-half months ago I totally changed how I eat and I’ve lost 47 pounds. Some days have been easy, some have been hard. For me, I’ve been holding to the principle that just as I cannot swipe my debit card in any store for any transaction amount as many times as I want and not have consequences, so also, I cannot eat anything I want, as much as I want and not have consequences.

    I hope to lose another 80 pounds. In fact, more than hope, I intend to! I don’t think I’ll ever be somebody that doesn’t love pizza or chocolate, but it won’t be part of my regular-every-day-lifestyle like it’s been before. 🙂

    1. bekahwestcott Post author

      Susan! That’s amazing!! Finding will-power to overcome the cravings is difficult to say the least. I love what you said about not being able to swipe for any transaction being the same principle as what we consume. I would much much MUCH rather chow down on a burger from Five Guys than a turkey burger in a lettuce wrap, but I know that I am the only one responsible for my health and I want to take that seriously.

      I’m so proud of you for taking control of your health and I too know that you will be able to achieve your goals!!


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