Giant Taco Piñata…

Sometimes I get an idea where it’s like an itch…These ideas are typically birthed out of procrastination or denial.  They come from the depths of my inner being that tell me that fun is more important than productivity.

So when it came time for me to work on my list of “things to get done before I have people over for a birthday party” the fun began to win out.  I NEED to finish painting my entryway.  You know, to try to give people a slight glimpse into “we aren’t crazy I promise” since currently our dining room is the first thing people see when they enter….  And the dining room currently has piles of flooring, boxes of ikea cabinet pieces, chandeliers we have taken down, and every tool and screw known to man.  It says “Welcome!  You could possibly die here!”… which is not really what I like to exude to my guests upon arrival to my home.  But it’s my reality right now folks.  This is how we separate the men from the boys.  We bring them into our house and say things like “please keep your shoes on” or “sign this liability waver” and if they say “Ok sweet!” we know that they are true friends.

So instead of ya know, actually doing things to make my house a better party area, I decided to spend time making a better party (because I LOVE a good party with activities and fun and the type of things that make people feel like they are a kid again).  

This Saturday is “Nacho Birthday, Lipsync Battle.”  Yes, it’s going to be epic.  Yes, there are going to be nachos.  Yes, people are coming prepared to battle it out using their favorite song.  Yes, some of my friends are taking this super seriously.  Yes, Brandon and I are doing an 80s song.  No, the videos will not end up on the internet.

But how could I possibly “plus” such a fun, flawless birthday party plan?  By creating a giant taco piñata of course!  So while I should have been doing productive grown-up things.  I sat for a couple hours and created a giant taco piñata!  Why?  Primarily because at this moment of my life I wanted to beat the crap out of something until it gave me candy.  It seems like the best possible way to say goodbye to my 26th year of life and to welcome in all the fun that 27 has to offer.  I’m pretty stoked about it really!

Here is the finished product!

(in the name of full disclosure, I definitely didn’t finish the whole thing because 3 episodes of Scandal later and I was pretty done with the project.)

Giant Taco Piñata

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