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How To Paint Ikea Cabinets…

Sure enough, my worst fears were realized.  I had hoped, wished, crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t happen but alas it did.  I had seen all the peoples on the internet say “Ikea Ramsjo white doors are PINK.” PINK!  Some people said “oh but it only depends on lighting” or “if your kitchen isn’t painted with red undertones you’ll be FINE.”  I began to look at zillions of pictures and sure enough, there was a pinky hue to the ramsjo doors.  I told my dear, sweet hubby about this dilemma concerning our newly ordered kitchen cabinet doors, but we both decided that we liked the overall look of the doors and that it would be okay to paint them.  *sighs*

So that’s precisely what we did.  Upon arrival, I quickly held one up to our newly installed Quartz countertop and realized that the pinky hue was quite evident and they would need to be painted.  After reading lots of tutorials that said many different things, here is the process and products that I used to paint our Ikea Ramsjo “white” cabinet doors white.

How to Paint Ikea Cabinets...


Products I used:

-Paint brushes (I used ones from the dollar store) = $1

-High density paint rollers (2 pack from Home Depot) =$2.67 (11% off using Raise Gift card)

-1 Gallon BIN Zinsser Primer -White (Home Depot) = $37.36 (11% off using Raise Gift Card, used about half)

-1 Gallon Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Flat Paint -White = $35.69 (30% off using a coupon in the mail, used about half)

-1 Qt General Finishes Polyurethane Satin Finish = I had this on hand, but it can be ordered here.(affiliate link)

Total for the project:  ~$76.72

Step 1: Prime.

First, I laid all of the door fronts on their front so that I could start by priming the back of the cabinet doors.  I found that the best way to get an even finish was to brush on the primer and then go over the brush strokes with the high density roller.  This eliminates the streaks.  Let dry for 4 hours.  Flip them over and repeat the process on the front.  I definitely think this is the primer to use for the project.  It sticks really well to doors (even though they aren’t “wood” doors).  It will also stick to everything else, so prepare accordingly.

Disclaimer:  I used the cardboard boxes that the doors came in to paint.  This worked well, HOWEVER, when I painted the sides the paint inevitably caused the doors to stick to the cardboard. 🙁 blah.  So, when you paint your cabinets, make sure that you use something to elevate the cabinets when you paint the sides.

I did two coats of primer.

This is the cabinet after two coats of primer...

This is the cabinet after two coats of primer…

UPDATE (8/24/2015) – I had to paint a piece of ramjo siding for some finishing touches the hubs is making to the kitchen.  I was lazy and decided to skip the primer step.  The paint peeled off in a week.  So… definitely 100% decided that Zinsser primer is an absolute must for this project!

Step 2: Paint

After the two coats of primer, we decided to paint the cupboards white.  The primer is kind of an off-white color.  I chose Sherwin-Williams Cashmere paint because it is self-leveling, meaning that it will help eliminate brush-strokes/roller marks.  I used the exact same painting process with the paint that I had with the Primer (Paint and then roll over the paint).

You can see here the color difference between the Paint (on the upper part) and the primer

You can see here the color difference between the Paint (on the upper part) and the primer

After a full coat of paint...

After a full coat of paint…

I didn’t find it necessary to do a second coat of paint, but you can definitely do that if you so desire/find necessary.

Step 3:  Poly   

This step I wasn’t sure was necessary until we put the hardware on the drawers and realized that we needed SOME kind of protection.  Now here’s the thing, we Really didn’t want the cabinets to be shiny. Something we didn’t like about the other Ikea door options is that they almost looked “plastic-y” because of the shine.  The internet was also very unhelpful in finding a solution.  So really, the reason that I decided to try the Poly is because I had some on hand and I knew that it worked.

To apply, I used a rubber glove and an old sock.  Yes, really.  Simply wipe the polyurethane on and you’re done.

Tips:  I let the paint dry for 24 hours before putting the poly layer on.  If you are painting your cabinets white, I highly recommend holding them in natural light to make sure that you got an even layer of poly on the door (I found it really hard to tell what areas I missed otherwise!)

You can tell there is a slight sheen to the door now...

You can tell there is a slight sheen to the door now…

I’m not gunna lie, it took me about a week to get the doors completely done because after each coat, I waited until the next day to do the next coat (even though Zinsser says it’s totally cool to go ahead and paint after a couple hours).  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the end product… especially since I was able to paint them all for less than $80 (even less if you consider I only used half of my paint and primer).  But I really wish Ikea would make a cabinet door that was true white… (please Ikea?  Please?!)

So there you have it!  This is the process I used to paint my Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Let me know if this helped you out or if you have any of your own tips in the comments below!

To see a sneak peek of the whole kitchen, click here!


How To Be A Bad Church Member…

I have been to a slew of churches in my life. I have been a visitor, a staff member, I have gone to churches where my dad was on pastoral staff, I have been to mega churches and mega tiny churches and all of them had one big thing in common… people. Every church has attendees (I mean, hopefully or they aren’t really a church…) Some attendees are what I would assume pastors would consider “the best” attendees and with these characteristics in mind, I decided to make a list of how to be a bad church attendee in hopes that if you do any of the following, you will evaluate your life choices.

1. Bash the Pastor.

Didn’t agree `100% with the message that the pastor preached? By all means, go all around the church lobby after service and make sure that everyone knows that you are displeased. This is super helpful. Also, go around and tell all your friends who attend other churches how terrible your pastor is and how you’re “just not sure why you go to that church.”

Here’s the Fix:
If you don’t agree with the pastor; pray. Ask God if you are supposed to be at that church. If you feel like you are, ask God if there is something in YOUR heart that needs to change. Praying for and supporting your pastor is how to be a great attendee. If you cannot under any circumstances support the pastor, leave. It’s ok. It’s ok to go to a new church where you are able to engage the community and be fed the word of God.

2. Be Nothing But a Seat Warmer.

If you truly want to be a terrible church attendee, here is what you do: get to church 5 minutes after service starts and leave during the prayer at the end. Don’t talk to any of the other people at church, don’t make eye contact with the greeters on your way in, and when someone gets on stage to talk about how you can “get involved” in… well.. anything, quickly and immediately TUNE THEM OUT!

Here’s the Fix:
GET INVOLVED. The best way to feel like you are truly a part of the church community is to get involved. I have been on both sides of this coin. I have gone to some churches where I am so involved that I barely get to hear a sermon and some churches where I would quietly sneak in and out of the service so that no one would even know I was there. Believe me when I say that being involved is much MUCH more gratifying than just taking up a seat on Sundays.

I would also like to say that “getting involved” is more than being on praise and worship teams or teaching in children’s church. There are SO MANY ASPECTS of the church that are tailor made to what YOU have to bring to the community. Do you enjoy hospitality? Ask your pastor about hosting a Bible Study at your home or making coffee on Sunday mornings. Do you just really love meeting new people? Ask about being a greeter. Are you passionate about prayer? See if there is a prayer meeting before service that you could join. Or maybe you like to be a behind the scenes administrative type person. I promise, there is a place for you! The best way to get involved is to ASK. Know what you enjoy doing and ask about doing that thing. If your pastor turns you down, please let me know! Because I would bet that someone who is willing to volunteer will not be turned down and I’d be super interested in meeting a pastor who neglects the help!

3. Hide.

Don’t get to know anyone in the church, ever. Don’t tell them your name. Don’t shake their hand. Don’t let them into your life. Certainly don’t share your contact info, and definitely do not under any circumstances EVER let them know that you are struggling with ANYTHING. Ever.

Here’s the Fix:
The church is not a building, it’s the people in it. If you read the book of Acts, which shows the beginning of the Church in the Bible, it’s all about early Christians doing life together. They shared their needs, they shared their desires, they helped each other flourish and grow and become disciples and disciple makers. That is why the church today, as a community, is so important. It’s not meant to be a place where we are perfect. It’s not a place where we are meant to hide who we really are and what we are going through. It’s meant to be an opportunity to be broken; but rebuilt. A place where we can empty ourselves of the burdens of life and be filled with the hope of Christ. It’s meant to be a place of encouragement. Where we can tell other believers what we are going through so that when we are too weak to keep going, they can remind us that we can make it! Don’t go to church to hide who you are ashamed to be, go to church to become who God has already created you to be.

If you have identified with any of these bad characteristics… you’re in luck! You don’t have to continue to be a bad church member. You can support your pastor, get involved, and become a part of the community of believers that is the church. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret it!

What about you guys? What would you add to the list of being a bad church member? Am I the only one who has done these things??