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5 Things I’ve gotten done in 2 weeks…

Yes, that’s right.  It has been two weeks since we closed on our house and I can only think of 5 things that are done enough to be crossed off my list.  I am currently at the point of a renovation where I just want ONE thing to go completely right from start to finish.  I have spent a significant amount of time cursing HGTV and walking around saying “what were we thinking?”

Anyway, here are the things with actual, visible progress that have happened within the past two weeks.

1.  We had all the mold remediated.

When we first had our inspection done (and we suspected) that there was mold all over in the kitchen.  So we knew that our first priority would be to have it all removed as soon as we got the keys.  The process took 3 days and a full week after closing before we got the “all clear” on the air in order to start build-back (construction term for “putting walls back up”)

As a reminder, this is what the kitchen looked like when we first bought it.


And this is what it looked like when everything with mold had been removed.

Paying to have someone rip your stuff apart is FUN!

Paying to have someone rip your stuff apart is GREAT!


Fun right?

2.  We built back everything that was removed because of mold.

My 9th grade basic construction class came in very handy as I put in insulation and hung drywall….

Kitchen wall dr

It may not be pretty, but it’s done!

Note, we DID  prime over this before putting in the cabinets.

Second Note:  More like we put in the cabinets and then read that we needed to prime it first.  Learn from us people.  Don’t do the things we did!

We also needed to reconstruct that half wall so that the height would be flush with the cabinets.  Before, there was a bar area.  But we really want a large amount of endless counter space.  So we needed to rebuild the wall, in order to achieve the seemless counter space we wanted.

This is what the half wall looked like after Brandon cut the top off to match with the height of the cabinets.

This is what the half wall looked like after Brandon cut the top off to match with the height of the cabinets.


This is what it looked like after re-stablizing it and adding the side to support the dishwasher.

This is what it looked like after re-stabilizing it and adding the side to support the dishwasher.

This picture is before we added drywall.   One thing I would like to note here.  Do ALL your research before doing build-back to avoid having to re-open any walls to move things around.  This MAY  have happened because of my “Done is better” attitude and doing too many things while my husband is working and then him coming out and being like “the internet says no” and then having to redo things.

3.  We installed the bottom cabinets.

I have a major, deeply personal issue with inefficiency.  So I cannot begin to express my frustration with this process.  I will go into greater detail when I do a full post once all the cabinets are installed.  But I will say that we have installed and un-installed these three times now (for various reasons).  Also, you may notice that we haven’t installed the upper cabinets yet.  Yes, we know that it would have been significantly easier to install the uppers first.  However, Ikea has yet to give us all our upper cabinets.  One of those cabinets is our high, pull-out pantry cabinet that will dictate the height of our other cabinets.  Since we had to get the bottom cabinets templated in order to have our countertops installed, we needed to get the bottom cabinets installed.

This terrible iPhone pano demonstrates ALL THE LEVELING we had to do to get these in.  Warning: be fully caffeinated going into such projects.

This terrible iPhone pano demonstrates ALL THE LEVELING we had to do to get these in. Warning: be fully caffeinated going into such projects.


4.  I primed the Master, the guest bath, and the kitchen.

That’s right, I’m counting “priming” as progress.  Why?  Because I had to put 3 coats of primer in the master alone.  It’s not ok, guys!!

A reminder of the horrid Master Bedroom color before…


After 3 coats of Kilz

3 coats of primer and you can still see the tangerine hue... (sighs)

3 coats of primer and you can still see the tangerine hue… (sighs)


5.  I completely finished the utility room!!

That’s right, I have one room in the house that is completely finished and fully functional.  It is my utility room.  My washer and dryer and working, there is a paint color on the wall and there is currently nothing else that needs to be done to this room and therefore it is currently my absolute favorite room in the house.

Finished Utility

The paint color has been a hot-point in our house as of late.  “Some” people think it’s too green…. But we are going with it anyway because I like it and when we tried to eliminate the green in the color and add some blue, there was no visible difference.  So there ya have it.


Tip for the day:  Parents, don’t let your kids color on outlet covers!  I was astounded at how many outlet covers had crayon marks on them!

Seriously?  Why is this a THING?!

Seriously? Why is this a THING?!

I Love People, But Humans Suck…

So much is going on in the world these days.  But really, there is always a lot going on in the world, it’s just not always publicized the way it is currently.  I scroll through my facebook feed and see all kinds of nasty articles pointed at this person, this pastor, this group of people and I’m kinda over it.  I think it’s important to be aware of what is going on, this is certainly important.  But it’s really not my job to insert my opinions about others publicly, so that’s not what I am going to do.  What I am going to do is talk about what is my job.  My job as a Christian is to love.  Loving doesn’t always mean agreeing either.  Loving means to correct and rebuke when necessary, but not through a heart of criticism.

I really love people.  I truly enjoy interacting with people of all walks of life.  I love sitting across the table from someone who has lived to be much more seasoned than I and gleaning from their stories and experiences.  I love meeting people in coffee shops and striking up conversation about the band on their shirt and the conversation leading into much deeper things.  I love to hear people’s stories.  I love to learn their passions.  I love to understand them more by listening to their words, their experiences, their spark and finding out why they are who they are.  And through this process, I learn that they are human and that some of the things they do suck.  As a human, lots of the things I do suck.  I do things I know I shouldn’t, I think negatively, I speak harshly to people I love and I otherwise do things that could constitute me as a sucky human.  We are human because we are fallen and when we let the voice of negativity be the leading voice in our heads, we lose.  EVERY. TIME.  We fall because we let other voices become louder in our heads than the redeeming voice of the savior.  When we do this, we let our human out to play and sin comes in and it’s just….well… not good.

And because all of my friends, acquaintances, and people I love dearly are humans they will let me down.  I will be disappointed, at some point, in each of them.  But I have realized more and more that it’s my job to love them anyway.  It’s God’s job to judge, Jesus’ job to save, the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, and satan’s job to condemn.  As a Christian, it is my job to love.  So my question to myself is often, “Am I trying to do someone else’s job?”  When people don’t live up to their potential, the best thing I can do is lovingly encourage them in the right direction.  When I come across a situation on the internet that is horrible, slanderous, and otherwise disappointing, the worst thing that I could do is ridicule.  The best thing that I can do is pray, realize that these people are human, that each person is bound to make mistakes, but for every mistake made they are also capable of overcoming.  Condemnation and judgment from the peanut gallery isn’t going to persuade people in that direction.  So for me, I’m going to continue to pursue love in the best ways:  building relationships with people, loving them when they are humans, correcting and encouraging in a loving manner, and making sure that I, myself, am listening to the right voices.

(PS.  Ephesians 5:1-21 is basically the basis for this post.)